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CNC Wood Router Afterservice

2019-11-22 15:52

When you receive Jinan Meiya wood cnc router, how to maintain and use.


First,The wood engraving machine spindle is a relatively important component of the cnc router machine. The advantages and disadvantages of the spindle directly affect the processing speed and precision of the engraving machine. How to choose the high quality  spindle is very important. 1. If you are pursuing the processing efficiency of wood cnc router, you need to process both the speed and the large amount of knife. For example, if you are processing solid wood materials, you need a spindle motor with a power of 3KW or more. 2. Whether the spindle motor adopts high-precision bearing. If high-precision bearing is not used, the performance is that the spindle motor overheats after long-time high-speed rotation, which affects the service life of the spindle motor. Look at the cnc wood router spindle rotating at different speeds, especially at high speed, whether the sound is even and harmonious. Look at whether the main axis of the wood engraving machine is stressed. The main reference is whether it can cut hard materials with high speed. Some spindles can only cut hard materials at very low speeds, otherwise the spindle performance will be seriously lost, affecting the spindle accuracy and even have accidents after a period of time.


Second In terms of processing speed, the stone engraving machine is slightly slower, and in terms of engraving precision, it is slightly higher than the cnc wood router, but the engraving force is small. On the other hand, cnc wood router are faster in processing speed, but the precision requirements are not so high. The engraving force is large, not only can be carved, but also wood can be cut at the same time. The woodworking engraving machine has made a different adjustment in the transmission mode, which is caused by the difference in the work content of the two. The rack drive mode is powerful and fast, which meets the requirements of woodworking engraving precision. This requirement is not high and not strict, but the speed is required to be fast enough and the depth of the lower knife is sufficient. However, because of the gap between the gears, the precision of the engraving machine is slightly lower, but it also meets the requirements of wood production and processing.


Third, CNC Router are divided into two categories: high power working and low power working. The low power is only suitable for double-color boards, architectural models, small signage, three-dimensional crafts and so on. Because the power is too small, it greatly affects the scope of its application. The high-power engraving machine can do things like a low-power engraving machine. Suitable for large cutting, relief, and engraving. Engraving is mainly used in: advertising, craft, mold, construction, printing and packaging, wood industry, decoration industry, etc. Engraving consumables include: acrylic organic board, PVC board, hibiscus board, two-color board, wood board, MDF, marble, fire board, rubber board, glass, etc.


Fourth,different material uses different kinds of tools. Since the cutters of different materials will have a large amount of cutting tools, when we use the cnc wood router, we should try not to use the most of tools for processing. For long time processing, the cutters are damaged faster. Moreover, the speed can not be raised when processing under most of tools, and the speed is likely to cause a broken knife. Therefore, it is better to set the amount of undercut to a large number of 2/3, so that the tool life will be greatly increased, and the processing speed can be improved a lot; thus, the tool cost can be saved and the processing efficiency can be improved.


To know this, your cnc router will have longlife time.