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More about CNC router knowledge

2019-03-11 15:47

1.What is CNC Router? A CNC router is a CNC(Computer Numerical Controlled) carving machine which is used for routing 2D/3D shapes on wood, stone, foam, metal, acrylic, plastic, PVC, MDF, ACM and other materials. CNC router is widely used in industrial production, small business and small shop, home business and home shop, school education. CNC router is also called CNC router machine, CNC carving machine, CNC router table, CNC engraving machine, CNC cutter, CNC engraver, CNC carver, CNC carve machine, CNC routing machine, CNC cutting machine, CNC engrave machine. A CNC router is mainly composed of Control system, Spindles, Servo motors or Stepper motors, AC inverter frequency drives, Linear guides, Ball screws and Workspace table. CNC router sizes mainly include 2' x 4', 4' x 4', 4' x 8' and 5' x 10'.

2.How does a CNC router work? A CNC router machine needs at least 3 axis to complete the routing works, called X, Y and Z. The X-axis is horizontal, the Y axis vertical, and the Z-axis refers vertical to the other two axis. A computer "controller" reads G-code or machine language instructions and drives a tool. The CNC router spindle holds the tool and move along X, Y and Z axis, following the paths generated by the software. In a 3 axis CNC router, the tool is always vertical, and undercuts are not possible. In addition, some CNC router machines have an A, B and C axis representing a rotary axis around the main axis X, Y and Z, called 4th axis, these CNC router machines are mainly used for some cylinder carving and engraving works. A real 4 axis CNC router also have X, Y, Z axis which refer to the X-Y-Z-A, X-Y-Z-B, X-Y-Z-C, 4 axis are linked, and the four axis can work at the same time. 5 axis CNC router has two additional axis which can move along. These additional axis allow for shorter project time due to their capability of carving five edges of the material simultaneously. The position of the router is determined by a computer telling the motors mounted on each axis how much to move in each direction. Using this method of positioning, any location within the machines work area (envelope) can be defined and the router can be moved within that space. As the CNC router machine is driven by a computer telling it where to move, the operator uses a software program to draw the shapes they want to cut and create the path that the machine will follow. So, when you have some CNC router plans, what kind of CNC router machine should be chosen? which all depends on your work needs and budgets.

3.What is a CNC router used for? CNC Routers are widely used for Cabinetry, Furniture, Sign Making, Woodworking, Mold Making, Model Making, Channel Letters, Joinery, Point-of-Purchase (POP), Prosthetic Manufacturing, Jewelry Manufacturing, Educational, Prototyping, CAD/CAM Instructional, Solid Surface Production, Musical Instrument Manufacturers, Countertop Production, Radius Mouldings, Metal Working, Aerospace, Foam Packaging, Mannequin Production, Plastic Packaging Equipment Manufacturers, Packaging, Store Fixtures, Boat Building, Custom Millwork, Extrusions Cutting Boards, Pool Cues, PCB Fabricators, Safety Enclosures, Gun Stock / Pistol Grip Manufacturers, MDF Doors, Korbal Manufacturers, Magnetic, Fixtures, Knife Template Manufacturing, Conveyor Manufacturers, Puzzles, Fan Blade Manufacturers, Name Tags, Artistic Carvings, Kneuls Manufacturing, Orthotic Manufacturing.