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How To Choose Tools For WoodWorking CNC Router

2018-09-20 15:59

The Importance of Tools(Bits and mills)
As you know, bits and mills work on the materials to offer you the cuts and designs required for the product manufactured at your end. Different types of mills act differently on the material thereby offering you various styles and textures of cuts. Moreover, the amount of waste generated also depends on the type of bits used, and it has an effect on the mills as well.

As an important benefit of using a router, it has the capacity to complete a heavy task within a short span of time but this is dependent on the mill size. Therefore, if you want to utilize your CNC Router with its full strength, then you must combine it with the appropriate bits and mills, to help your business thrive eventually.


The Tooling Techniques For CNC Router

Although the tools vary in their shape and application, still while selecting one, you should consider these four essential aspects to make your machine perform above par excellence.

1. Go for shorter tooling: But obviously, your prime concern will be the performance of your tool, which depends on its rigidity level. Therefore, to maintain and to ensure that your tool is rigid, you need to buy the one that has the shortest overall length.

2. Take Care of Shank: You would preferably want your tool to stay strong and last long. This requires you to maintain a proper technique to set the collet. As an important tip, you should fill 75% of the internal diameter of the collet with a shank.

3. Balance material thickness and tool diameter: The tool suffers deflection when it tries to cut through the material. It resists the cut and forces the tool to move off the way, but the machine prefers to move in a straight path. To avoid this disparity you should always choose tools with large diameters. However, the nature of the material also plays an important role in this regard, so keep this in mind as well.

4. Select the correct direction of rotation: When the tool rotates in a specific direction, the machine creates a particular style of cut, which makes one side to look better than the other. Therefore, when you are using the tool to cut, you need to choose that particular direction in which you want the material to look good- in the conventional cut side or in the climb cut side. A further switching of the rotation will ensure a different outcome.If you keep these four points in mind, then the affair of cutting becomes the easier and accurate, which will ultimately help your business to thrive.


About Size
The size of these items plays a crucial role in the cutting process and depends largely on the type of material. For instance,

• For plywood cutting, it is good to settle with .375″ and .250″ compression variety. It is better to use larger mill but for cutting multiple parts with little space between them, the smaller size will be helpful.

• For hardwood furniture cutting, .375” downcut or .500” downcut are the chosen ones as they are stable and long enough to use.

For fast removal of material for 3D carving and for cutting softwood, the.500”, .250” and .375” upcut variety is used.


Tooling is the very heart of a CNC Router. Thus, follow these points to increase the tool life and improve your cut! For more information on this topic, or to buy a CNC router machine for your cause, it is even better to contact Meiya CNC. The industry-leading company offers a range of CNC router machines to adhere to your specific purpose.